Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Mom's next door neighbor in South Carolina was Chris and she always helped Mom whenever she needed something. She would do anything for anybody.  Chris was Mom's closest friend in SC and they did many things together through the years. Especially towards the end of her stay there she really helped me by watching out for Mom and letting me know when something was amiss.
On our summer trip down to Florida we stopped in SC to work on Mom's condo.  Mom and the kids stayed at a nearby hotel because I was afraid what Mom would say if she saw her condo empty.  I made arrangements for Chris to meet us for breakfast at Denny's the morning we were leaving for Florida. Mom had not seen Chris for 2 1/2 years and when she walked up to her at Denny's Mom smiled and had this puzzled look on her face.  She said,  "Do I know you?"  Chris replied,  "Yes you do. Remember we lived next to each other." 
I could tell her face was familiar to Mom but she really did not remember many details.  However they had a nice visit with Chris relaying her information regarding old neighbors some whom mom remembered and some not.

When we were leaving Chris gave mom a beautiful white throw which she had crocheted.  The throw is kept on a chair in mom's room where she can enjoy it everyday.  I remind her often of the special person who made it for her.

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