Monday, September 21, 2009

Eating Watermelon

"What are these 2 black things in it?  You think they would have taken those black things out.  Oh the other side looks good."

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  1. Kerry:

    Congrats on your run yesterday! You did awesome! But what is more awesome is your blogsite with the joys and trials of having "Lilybird" living with you. I literally couldn't read after awhile until the tears went away...tears from wondering how Susan & I would have done with the aging of our parents and wishing we could have maybe had that chance after we lost 3 of our 4 parents when the kids were babies and losing my Dad 10 years ago....mostly though, tears of joy and pride in what a Christ-filled inspiration you are as a friend, as a Mom, and certainly to Lily, as a daughter. keep your sense of humor and your sanity as even though there plenty of tough days, there are some of the wonderful moments that you get and you've been kind enough to share. Remember, there will be a day -after we all leave this earth - your mom's going to come up to you, kiss you, and tell you of every act of love and kindness that you've given back to her over these years!

    Keep on "keepin on" Kerry Runyeon!

    Bob Burkle