Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nana Lily's bracelet

When Lily first moved in with us she often would decide out of the blue to walk to the store which was about one mile away without telling anyone.  Her sense of direction was very good then and is still good even today.  However because of her diagnosis I worried that this might be the day she would get lost and not be able to find her way home.  Since she could not remember our phone number or address I put a sheet of paper in her purse with that information.  Sometimes she would leave without her purse just to take a walk so we came up with a plan to have a bracelet made for identification but had to be careful of her feelings because of course she did not think anything was wrong with her.

Her bracelet which we told her was a gift from her grandchildren read on the front:

We love you Nana Lily
If Lost
home phone
and on the back:

Call my Children
street address
city, state, zip
cell phone
We explained that the bracelet was expensive and we wanted the inscription on it in case "the bracelet" became lost so someone could return it.  Nana Lily thought that was a great idea and loved her new gift.
She has not ventured out alone in a long time now but still wears the bracelet....... just in case.

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