Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Happened to my Hand?

This morning my daughter Emily noticed Nana Lily's right hand was all swollen.  Of course Mom remembers nothing about what might have happened.  Her hand was red and swollen and I noticed what I thought might be a small puncture which led me to believe she was stung by a bee.  I called my daughter-in-law Jenny who kept Mom with her all day yesterday so my husband and I could accept an invitation up to Lake Erie and she said yes she probably was stung by a bee.  Jenny heard mom say that bit me and the only thing she saw was a bee flying around, but her hand looked fine so she didn't think too much about it.

All day long mom kept coming to us to show us her hand and how swollen it was compared to the other one.  "I don't know what I did but look at my hand."  After telling her she was stung by a bee for the 10th time we started teasing her with stories which is our way of coping with the repeating questions.

My husband Dan said he liked the look of that hand better because there were no wrinkles.  Mom laughed and said that would be ok if it were her face but not her hand.

Our neighbor Scott asked her if she punched someone?   She laughed and said no.  Teasing her he said well why does Dan have a swollen nose then?

I have noticed when we started teasing her and make her laugh she stops asking the same question over and over.  Somehow humor seems to stay with her

With Alzheimer's disease the individual often cannot remember what happened to them and if there is no witness you might never know.  Thankfully mom is with us who love and watch out for her.  I wonder about those who aren't as fortunate.

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