Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LilyBird's Favorite German Saying

Mom has repeated this one German line for years now.  The story goes that when she was a young girl in England she met a German man who taught her this saying.  She always said the meaning was not very nice, but was never able to translate it for us.

Well this past week Jenny, my daughter-in-law, kept mom with her for a day and had her out with her talking to her neighbor. Somehow it came out that the neighbor speaks fluent German.  Jenny had Lily repeat the saying and the neighbor translated it as follows.

"You all truly are a shitty people." 

Only mom who has forgotten so many other more important events would continue to remember this!

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  1. Kerry!

    How is it possible that you've never told me that you're writing this AMAZING blog about your life with your mom??!!! I'm SO glad that you sent this to me! Oh my God, I kept re-reading that German translation over and over, every few minutes, and every single time, it makes me laugh out loud. I'm still laughing!!!! That is absolutely priceless!

    So I looked and see that you've been writing wonderful little vignettes of your life for two months now. Oh my!! I went back and read every single one. They made me laugh, smile, sigh, and cry. There is such sweetness in the stories, and in between the words. Of course, so much of it makes me think of my own mom, whose personality is so different from your mom's, but whose journey has some parallels. But I also love the stories even without thinking of my own mom, because I have spent time with your mom, and with you all. It made me miss you all!

    I'm so glad that you sent this to me. I'm saving your blog in my "favorites", and will delight in reading your new entries!!

    Hi to all. (I'm giggling again......)

    Love, Sue