Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stroller for Molly

Mom and I walk the dogs every day around the block.  Recently Molly our 9 year old pug has been having trouble making it around.  She gets very short of breath and begins to limp so I end up having to carry her part way which is very tiresome as Molly is quite heavy.

On a recent walk I said to Lily,   

"I think I need to find a stroller for Molly so I don't have to carry her.  That way she can still come with us.  Mom what do you think of that idea.  I'll let you push Molly in the stroller.  What do you think?"

Mom looked at me and said,

"Dumb ass.  That is what I'd be. Pushing a dog in a stroller.  A kid yes.  A dog no."

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