Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interaction with Medication has Worked for Us

 Recently I saw an article on the internet which basically put down the use of medications for Alzheimer's in nursing homes.  The author felt that all the money spent on these medications which he felt did little good should be put to better use in training the staff to interact more with the patient.  Below is my response to that article.

I can only speak to my personal experience with my mother, but in our case I have to disagree with the author.   My mother lives with us and we interact with her all the time, but still we have had episodes of extreme agitation which no amount of talking would have abated.  Putting my mother on Namenda (she was already on Galantamine) put an almost immediate end to her agitated behavior and the quiet lasted for over a year.  Last spring we again went through an episode of uncontrollable agitation and her doctor suggested Rispirdol which again worked beautifully without putting her in a "drugged out" state which I feared. Soon we are going to attempt to wean her off the Rispirdol since her behavior is stable.
Although his premise is good as I would never discourage personal interaction over the use of drugs I would have to say from my personal experience I would not have been able to keep my mother at home without the use of these medications.

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  1. you are a wonderful daughter to do all that you and your family have done for Lily- she is so so lucky to have you as her caring and inspirational daughter- Your Blog willhelp so many other families who are dealing with this disease. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!